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Walking Programs

How do group walks work?

We try to minimize the time your dog spends in the car as much as possible. For group walks we plan ahead and pick up dog1 (with seatbelt, in back seat), then pick up dog2 (into a crate), then begin walking from the house of dog3 (if/when we have 3 dogs – often we are only walking 2 at a time). The 45 minute walk begins when we pick up the last dog, so if we picked up your dog first they might be with us for well over an hour.

How do private walks work?

For private walks we often park at your house and begin our walk from there, to maximize walking time and minimize driving time. Although, with your permission and consultation beforehand, we can take them for a short car ride to a stimulating place like a nearby forest, trail, or farm. Also, if your dog has a dog-friend in the neighbourhood, no more than 5 minute walk away, and they get along fine, we can pick them up on our walk too. There is an additional $10 charge for this, but if you split the bill, everyone will be ahead.

How long will my dog be out of the house?

All of our walking times are minimums. Which means on a 45 minute walk, we are often out closer to an hour than 45 minutes – especially if travel time is involved, then we might be out for over an hour. Also, if we are enjoying ourselves on the walk and we have a small window before our next appointment, we just might stay out a little longer. We always have a cell phone on us though, so we are never out of reach.

I have a walk booked but the weather is miserable – what now?

Let’s face it, we get some extreme weather here in Fredericton. Some days it is just better for both humans and pets to stay inside. However, your pet will still need a bathroom break and will still need stimulation. On poor weather days, we will keep your appointment, but instead of spending the whole time outside we will do a short bathroom break and then focus on teaching manners and playing with enrichment activities inside. On such days, we travel with an assortment of puzzle toys, tug toys, treat toys, licky mats, and kongs that will keep a dog occupied, entertained and intrigued.

How many dogs do you walk in each group?

Although city bi-laws limit dog walking groups to six, our optimal group size is no more than three dogs per human – and only after we have built a relationship with those dogs. We take a cautious approach to grouping dogs, taking into consideration age, gender, size, play-style, and temperament. This approach keeps both our dogs and staff safe, allows us to keep a careful eye on the dogs on each outing, and makes the time more enjoyable for everyone.

Will my dogs be off-leash?

This is a conversation that we will have during our free Meet n’ Greet consultation. Group walks and Private walks are generally always on-leash. However, if you’re comfortable, and conditions are favorable (weather is good and the dog park is not currently in use), we might visit a fenced-in off-leash dog park. However, for many reasons, we will not let your dogs play with dogs we do not know while we are out. If another dog comes to the park while we are playing off-leash, we will leave and continue the walk on-leash.

Why does my dog need tags?

There are two tags your dog will need to take part in walks. The first is a basic identification tag with their name and emergency information. The second is a city licensing tag. The city of Fredericton requires that all dogs walking in public spaces be licensed. The registration process is very easy and can be accessed here – responsiblepetbrochure-en.pdf ( Trust us, the fine is much more than the registration cost.

Can you feed my pet too?

Sure thing! If you prepare your pet’s meal for us, we’ll make sure they receive it.

Light Grooming Services

Do you offer full service grooming for pets?

We offer five grooming services only – 1) Nail Trim, 2) Furry Foot Trim, 3) Brushing/Furminate, 4) Toothbrushing and Oral Check Up, 5) Ear Cleaning. These services will keep your pet healthy and comfortable between visits to a professional full-service groomer, and could potentially make visits to that groomer less frequent and less costly.

What does ‘furminate’ mean?

The Furminator is an amazing brushing tool that quickly and effectively removes loose fur from your dogs coat. It really is the best tool on the market – we’re constantly blown away how much fur can come off one dog! In addition to the furminator, we have a range of brushes for all types of fur.

What is the difference between a furry foot trim and a nail trim?

Nail trims focus on the nails only. Occasionally a light trimming of fur is needed to safely and effectively trim the nails, but the focus of our time and attention is on the nails. During a Furry Foot Trim, we dedicate time to just trimming the fur under and around the feet. Furry foot trims prevent ‘furry slippers’, which can interfere with your dog’s perception of movement, and can track more dirt into the house. While all dogs need their nails trimmed regularly, not all dogs will require a furry foot trim.

Are grooming services for dogs only?

Grooming services are available for all pets. Although, with some pets, we sometimes need to build trust before we can brush their teeth or trim their nails. It’s always best to schedule a few pet visits or walks first, to build that trust, before attempting a grooming service.

Pet Sitting, by the hour

Why it the first hour more expensive, then the rate drops for consecutive hours?

During every pet sit, whether 2 hours or 6 hours, we find we spend at least an hour of that time strictly focused on the pet – this could be a whole range of activities, depending on the pet (see the next question below). The remainder of the time is often spent quietly with the pet while we might be reading a book, watching t.v., on the phone, catching up on some office work, etc. We will, of course, still interact often with the pet, but on a more casual basis – just like if you were home reading a book yourself.

What activities do you do with my pet during the first hour?

The first hour of a pet sit is important. It sets the tone for the visit. For dogs we often start by playing outside in a backyard, or on a walk/hike, or playing with enrichment activities, or practicing manners, a light brushing, and more (with your input). For cats this might look like feeding, petting/cuddling, light brushing, playing/stimulating, cleaning litter boxes, and more (with your input).

Cat Visits

Why can’t I board my cat at your house while you’re away?
While dogs will walk into our house and settle happily into a doggie bed in a matter of minutes, cats are much more particular. They are happier in their own space, and will often become sullen, depressed and even destructive when displaced to a new environment.

We are happy to care for your cats in their own homes, where they can continue to follow their daily routines. This ensures they will be happy and relaxed when you get home.

Orange striped kitten lying on fluffy white blanket

Let's Get Started

The first step is to fill out our on-boarding form. Then we book a free Meet n’ Greet at your home, to meet both you and your pet(s).

During our meeting, we will:

  • Get to know each other better
  • Assess the needs of you and your pet
  • Ask questions about temperament, training, allergies, food preferences, play time activities
  • Give you a chance to ask us questions
  • Fill out some paperwork
  • Set up an account on our pet sitting software, 'PetPocketBook'

Then, all you have to do is lean back and reap the benefits of a well-socialized and well-exercised friend!